Tired of paying outrageous fee's to protect, prepare and display your auto and truck salvage for sale at auctions and pools?  We suspect you are.

The members of the QRP networks are looking for salvage cars and trucks to purchase direct so we can continue to provide you with fairly priced recycled OE parts for your repairable vehicles.  We are pleased to offer you a simple way to present your parts vehicles to all of your area QRP partners in order to solicit independent confidential bids for your salvage.

If you have photo imaging, we have www.QRPSalvage.com, or just click on the QRPSalvage icon at our web site, www.QRPsne.com.   Follow the simple instructions and before you know it you will have competitive bids for your salvage in the QRP network near you.  We will pick up the salvage within 2 business days after the salvage award or we pay the additional storage.  We will issue salvage payment in 2 weeks or less once you award the salvage to a QRP partner.*

You can avoid costly tow in fees, pool and auction fees, other preparation costs and also know your salvage dollars will come back to you sooner than you now recognize.  Not only that, but now you will know where those good recycled parts are for future claim needs.

Contact the QRP Office for details on how to participate.

Tom Zukowski Southern New England QRP Network

* Presuming your award letter is an authorization that the vehicle is ready for dismantling and the claim is settled.